Novella “Mande” by Quintin Goynes

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The entire piece named “Mande” was actually written as a request from his older girlfriend (an experienced business major and humanist; social worker project manager). Surprisingly, Quintin discharged from the US Armed Forces, while he finally had a chance to visit his family’s sacred grave in 2013, which is a single-family home on a lake front parcel.

However, Quintin did not own the actual home, due to his hierarchical challenge that relates the son of the middle-born daughter of three and post siblings of two older brothers. In other words, the unfortunate loss of Quintin’s grandmother introduced opportunities for mischief that pertains to legal and civil rights, in addition to adding cultural certainty to his own claim as to why today’s world has been adversely affected by its own rules and leadership under Southern style civil obedience.

Moreover, the title relates to and originates from an outline that was queried for his assignment, while he sat at the table of one of the homeless restructure organizations, which was located in adjacent or across from Leon High School – Tallahassee…. It smelled like milk and vagina, during certain times of the morning in that particular place. Hard minds patiently awaited for additional amounts of caffeine, while the government configured ways to execute a financial move that eventually separated US military from original rights of civility – later recognized as regulatory misfortune, and later known as American family hatred.