January Celebrates Its Belly Laugh Day

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Jan.24. Belly Laugh Day is a day to appreciate the great gift of open laughter. As everyone is allowed to laugh and smile, this particular act is encouraged for a welcomed change for during the day. People have the chance to share their own traits and learnings that pertain to how to smile and enjoy a great laugh altogether. This certain holiday event is well-known in a variety o regions throughout the world. That in itself can make this a special day for most to know and enjoy for the future to come (January 24th). Chiefly, there is a reference email and website that can express this event by simply sending an email to Elane Helle or clicking onto the website www.bellylaghter.com

A great website that demonstrates how laughter can vary, along with just how real situations can be–the moments that cause belly laughter.

A Happy Jesture


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