Celebration of Life Day: Easy Ways to Experience Healthy Fun

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Celebration of Life Day is January 22, 2016. This is a nationally recognized moment that is set aside to appreciate and honor the children of the family. Originally Celebration of Life Day gives people a chance to look at children as the most valued assets while treating them with the highest respect and dignity. In relation to health, this is an ideal moment in time when the children are taken to a nice place where they can understand the traditions of this type of celebration. Feature certain events to load up on fun and growth.


Play an Outdoor Game in the Gym

I’m a Star

This is a fantastic game to use with the kids. Use this event for the warm-ups. fitness development or the cool down session. Simply, aline the children into a number of lines. Designate a leader (the star): Stand each leader at the front of the line; ensure the place a [paper] star around their neck.

The idea of I’m a Star is when the leader performs a movement, exercise, or stretch to the music, the rest of the line copies her movements. Moreover, to share this leadership skill ensure to take the star from the one and issue the leadership role to the next child in line. Ultimately, play this game until everyone in the line has had their chance to lead, by being the star. A popular tune to suggest: ‘I’m a Star’, by Prince.

Cigarette Chain Tag

As a method for warming up and fitness, Cigarette Chain Tag has its benefits. Surprisingly, this particular game improves cardio-respiratory endurance while reinforcing the (optional) concept that smoking is detrimental to cardiovascular endurance and general health. Yet, this game is fun to perform, because it does involve the closeness of the participants while remaining slightly alert.

How to Play

Select up to three kids to be ‘its’; which are considered the smokers. Generally, a child who is tagged by one of the ‘its’ must join the smoker’s chain and continue to chase the other children around. However, only the ‘its’ can tag a person.

  1. Decide on the ‘its’ of the game and everyone else runs away.
  2. If the person who is ‘it’ tags or touches you, you are an ‘it’, as well.
  3. Now, both ‘its’ join holds hands while attempting to tag another player.
  4. When the next person is tagged, the chain splits into two twos–continue playing accordingly.
  5. The game ultimately ends when everyone is caught.

Basically, the ‘cigarette chain’ grows longer and longer as more are tagged to join the line, which is the chain. In relation to the name of the game, the line tends to move slower and more difficult–the message is smoking slows you down. Frankly, this game is for the children, so you can omit the cigarette portion of the name altogether.

Great Tips on How to Lead the Celebration of Life Day


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Starting and Stopping a Bunch of Little People

For stopping, most commonly use the ’freeze’ Expect to freeze to cause the children to stop moving while their feet are shoulder width apart, knees bending slightly, and all eyes on the guardian (instructor). This is the basic position that allows the kids to move easily when the ‘go’ command has been said. Generally, the children are not allowed to begin the activity until ’go’ has been said by the instructor. If any children begin the activity too early, simply return to the original positions and ‘we try again’.

Other Tips

  • Allow a place for fatigue children to rest; people have different fitness levels–some may have to rest against a wall for a few seconds.
  • Address to the children the rules on how to break away to rest and replenish themselves for the water and a restroom break.
  • Set aside designated times to take breaks.


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