Meet Talitha aka Taliwhoah, a rising star of late-night R&B (ft. Why multicultural music?)

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Multicultural movements involve ideologies: Talitha was born into the foundation of Reggae music

November 5, 2018 (Tallahassee, Fla.) – Following from her hit EP ‘New Wave Order Vol. 1’ and 2018 hit single “Soul Food”, which amassed right around one million streams on Spotify a year back, significant and vivacious R&B artist Taliwhoah returns under new organization with the disclosing of her latest single “Continue running Along”, available from Rostrum Records.

Taliwhoah hits the charts (pop-multi-culture)

Considered the young lady of Boney M’s Toyin Adekale, Taliwhoah has devoured her entire time on earth enveloped by entertainers. Since her debut, she learned the technique of songwriting and continuously began to build up a multicultural interest in various genres. Chiefly, Taliwhoah draws on inspirations from her British roots with a signal to soul legend, Sade. “Continue running Along” mixes the craftsman’s taking off voice with a leveled yet extreme creation that associates and gets you from the particular start.

Pushing the breaking points of the R&B – Taliwhoah

Taliwhoah’s last EP may have set up her as an impressive new capacity on the planet, yet this latest single sees her ascent up out of the peripheries to attest some expert as the accompanying huge skilled worker in overall R&B. ‘Mystic Sons’ James Barker reports quotes from Taliwhoah:

“Run along covers a transition that had to happen to truly embrace and acknowledge my self-worth. I really dive deep into a reality I had to deal with, that many women out there have to deal with. It’s a journey I had to take with the people that channel the most positive energy in me, my family. So with the track and video, I made sure I really kept it real. Really real. Everything you see is a raw and transparent walk through my heart.”

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Why Multicultural Music

After searching the web, this is the information translated; which elaborates and augments to conjoin a particular norm of Anglos everywhere. Moreover, multicultural music can aid students in discovering his or her personal identity along with enhancing a student’s social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Yet, historical knowledge highlights why multicultural education and music tailor to the majority culture (Rick Parker, “Multicultural Music and Learning”).

Not to be confused with polyculturalism. Multicultural movements involve ideologies in which people of various ethnic and religious groups are addressed by the authorities as defined by the group to which they belong, according to sources. Taliwhoah is one of today’s authorities in that particular rite.