Music Titles Over the Fall 2018

Quintin Goynes Sr. | ManIntheMiddle[qg]

Fall News Releases 2018

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Quintin-Goynes-byline_tag_yellow_green-1-e1511892594209-31x150Many outside the box artists release interesting collections amid these months (November and December); if you start searching for a new album release, amid August or early September, this planning can work out well. Stay tuned for tour dates, as well.


Mercury KX Presents ‘Human Remix’ EP by Solomon Grey

Royal Canoe return with sultry,
Psych-pop jam “RAYZ”


Louise Lemón with the new
lucid and powerful single ‘Cross’


Royal Canoe’ Swooning R&B merged with Psych-Pop new record – ‘Waver’

The Desert kick off their latest EP with new single “Gone”

TOLLIVER channels his gospel
upbringing into debut EP ‘RITES

Dolores Haze
‘Play Hard F*ck Hard Love Hard’
on sophomore album

Taliwhoah delivers all new dusky,
soul-infused R&B new single ‘Run Along’


Royal Canoe’ Swooning R&B merged with Psych-Pop Quintin-Goynes-byline_tag_yellow_green-1-e1511892594209-31x150new  record – Waver

The Desert return with the wistfully atmospheric ‘Distract Me’

TOLLIVER ‘I Gotchu’ (Saturday, Monday Remix)

The Yada Yada Yadas return with a new single – “The Human Emotion”

Fast food fanatic Elliot is about to release his debut album featuring new single, Elliot – Am I In Love or Just Hungry