Edward Linton Favors ‘MITM[qg]’ and “Opens Up”

cropped-26sep14_aqua_soap.jpgQuintin Goynes Sr. | ManIntheMiddle[qg]

SEPT2018_Collage‘Spiritual Life in the South’

Senses Were Right
– man found in corner store parking lot; needed a booster (next story….)

Comradery Before the Rehearsal

– Sing along and solo
– Throat got sore, refresher hit the spot

Check Out His Solo Called “I Have a Father”

‘MITM[qg]’ name it himself
After analysis, this particular song brings a good and refreshing vibe that soulful parents like to notice in their young lad. The prologue and storytelling “preface” makes the audience understand the relief of burden, as the dependent soulfully remembers ‘how to distance his own problems by appreciating the labors of his elders.’ As you can notice, his look is unique as the spirit immediately brings an ambiance into his upbeat, yet, romantic personality.


“I Have a Father”

“I Have a Father” Performed by Edward Linton (Courtesy of ‘Quintin Goynes’)

Contact Information

Artist: Edward Linton
Location: The South, US

– Situation at the Store –

Bonus: The New Baker’s Act Policy

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