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TJ Stafford: New Release Off of the Debut Album, ‘All My Bad Habits Have Prepared…’

Quintin Goynes | ManIntheMiddleqg

Contributing Author: Sera Roadnight, MT Press

TJ Stafford gets sinister with his dark debut single, “Crazy.” A Los Angeles-based songwriter, Stafford performed in various bands before finally stepping out on his own, saying “being a musician for most of my life, not making an album that was just me, with the exact words I wanted to say, and the exact sounds that fit those words, would have been an unimaginable regret.” Continue reading

Sarantos Brags for His New Video Release “… the Shadows”

Quintin Goynes (donations)[MITM]| ManIntheMiddle[qg]

Sarantos Represents His Award Winning Endeavors – Nominee Hopeful Video: “We Kiss in the Shadows” Debuts Worldwide

Since, 2014: Sarantos music managed over 33 award wins with Akademis LA Music, Beat 100, and a nominee for the International Music & Entertainments Awards and the Hollywood Songwriting Awards, according to sources. Continue reading

Armada Named Sound: HOT VOX AT 93 FEET EAST for the New Year

Quintin Goynes | ManIntheMiddleqg

Donations to Quintin G. [MITM]

20 JANUARY 19:30
Artist Playing: Slip Digby, Catalina Skies Armada Named Sound, and Pablo Andrea Setola

Spiros Maus plans to join with Karis to entertain the fans. After a series of releases, Armada Named Sound decided to add a feature event for the New Year. Continue reading

Room 1985 with ManintheMiddleqg (aka Quintin Goynes)

Quintin Goynes | ManIntheMiddleqg

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Room 1985 is the self titled debut Psychedelic-Electronic rock album from the Manchester UK based duo Chris Crysand and John Hulse.

The debut single “The Door” will take you hand-in-hand to lands where Pink Floyd meet Public Service Broadcasting and The Editors meet God Is An Astronaut, all bound together for a 21st century tsunami sound wave. Continue reading

HEADS UP: Mysteryland USA Pre-Sale + 2016 Aftermovie

Quintin Goynes | ManIntheMiddleqg
Quintin Goynes | ManIntheMiddleqg

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Venture Down the Rabbit Hole – Mysteryland USA Launches Pre-Sale with Release of Official 2016 After-Movie!

Mysteryland USA offers a glimpse into the magic, unveiling the spellbinding 2016 Aftermovie alongside the pre-sale ticket announcement & opens campgrounds to welcome nomads 19+

Continue reading