The Rival Cavves Story with New Release – “Creep”

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Rival Cavves: Bio

Marissa Longstreet and Matthew Lieberman first encountered one another in 2012. An LA native, Lieberman’s new group Magic Bronson was looking for a rehearsal/studio space and had stumbled upon a warehouse in the San Fernando Valley that seemed to fit what they wanted. Upon arrival, Lieberman met the owner’s sister who happened to be Longstreet. Having recently moved to LA from upstate New York, Longstreet was fronting an indie dance band and just getting her feet wet in the LA music scene. Over the next 3 years Lieberman and Longstreet found themselves playing multiple shows together with their respective bands.

Fast forward to 2015 when Lieberman moved into the same North Hollywood neighborhood as Longstreet. They began to hang out more frequently and spent a lot of late nights listening to Lieberman’s record collection and showing each other new music and bands. Using his vintage Roland Juno-106 Synthesizer, Lieberman began making beats influenced by these hangouts and started giving them to Longstreet. Armed with a mic and laptop she began putting Lieberman’s beats into garage band and tracking vocal ideas. Within a few weeks they had a number of songs and Rival Cavves was officially born.

SoundCloud: Rival Cavves – “Creep”


Contact Information

Location: Los Angeles, Calif.
Facebook: Rival Cavves