May 2017 – Hot News and Releases

Hot tunes are on the rise, during May! Scroll down and check out the pop and indie stars of our generation. Below there are clips to cool videos and mind-blowing soundtracks. Go on tour and see who is the greatest this year. Then, give a call or send a letter with your views on music news – May 2017.

Hot News and Releases

TJ Stafford

TJ Stafford: New Release Off of the Debut Album, ‘All My Bad Habits Have Prepared…’

Rival Cavves

The Rival Cavves Story with New Release – “Creep”

Nathan Sharp

Nathan Sharp is a Voice Actor, Musician and Songwriter Who Best Known for his Music-Oriented Channel, ‘NateWantsToBattle’


Sleeptalk Began as the Brainchild to Studios’ Gold Standard Records

Scottish Art-Rock Institution Mogwai (Scottish Art-Rock Institution) – Release New EP, ‘Every Country’s Sun’


Musicoin & Tim Arnold Produce Sparks After Meeting


Mallory Releases LGBT Friendly EP – ‘Loud’



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