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Codex Seraphinianus Talks About June 2018 Release “We Go Outside”

“We Go Outside”: This song was heavily inspired by reading the Codex Seraphinianus – an illustrated encyclopedia with text written in an imaginary language, published in the 1980s, by super genius Luigi Serafini. Frankly, I couldn’t help but think that far into the future we will evolve the consciousness to decode the meaning of things with our third eyeball.

Furthermore, we will eventually transcend language and be able to decipher the intentions and inflections of the way things were created in a much more pure way than we do now. As we say, people are intuitive creatures and our evolution will hopefully further that to a supreme degree. In the far future, improvisation might be the only valid main music medium because our awareness will have reached new peaks and we will crave ultra-complex sensations.
“We Go Outside” is about creative freedom and setting yourself free, by embracing what is outside you. Pushing yourself to go outside the box that really tries to confine you in. “Say what you want and leave the rest to us / spray off your tongue in a language burst” The moment we stop thinking and start creating in our natural organic modes are when our singularities shine. The truth emerges. The favorite Captain Beefheart line is “looks like somebodies had too much to think” and this passage rings extremely true in the creative process; find ways to get out of our logical mindset and get to the beefy heart of curious souls.

We Go Outside is an ode to mind expansion and being yourself, as you are when you are in the pure dream state, as the alien mind will be when we inevitably cross paths finally.

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