New EP Release: TJ Stafford – ‘All My Bad Habits Have Prepared Me For This’

Rock songwriter, TJ Stafford, gets darkly introspective on his debut album, ‘All My Bad Habits Have Prepared Me For This’ out on June 30th, 2017

The Los Angeles-based musician has spent most of his career playing professionally in various bands, touring and recording as a unit, rather than independently. With the release of his new album, ‘All My Bad Habits Have Prepared Me For This,’ he ventures into the world of independent projects, one that has urged him out of his comfort zone and into the spotlight.

TJ Stafford

As a songwriter, he’s had success with sync placements for hit cable-television shows like AMC: “The Walking Dead,” HBO “True Blood,” FX “Sons of Anarchy,” NBC “Parenthood” and even a placement for a game on Playstation [“The Last of Us].

His emotional brand of rock music is heavy with gritty textures burnished with age, colliding with an intense alt-rock meets blues soul dynamic.  It’s garnered a following in the Los Angeles area, with TJ performing sold out shows at historic venues The Roxy, House of Blues, and the Troubadour — not to mention being award the Production Music Award for Best Rock Song.

TJ’s June EP Release

The release of “All My Bad Habits Have Prepared Me For This” is an exploration in regret and introspection born from a fascination with the dark side.


The album launches with the darkly sinister, “Crazy.” A murky guitar progression slinks over an ever building atmospheric sound, growing in intensity with each passing chorus. He howls with grit and determination, demanding “say you love me,” with all the aggression of someone who has never been loved right. 



On the introspective apology track, “Catch,” he reflects on all the things he never did or said. It’s a bleak, soul-baring piece that hums along with layers of vocals and a subtle yet powerful surge emotional despair.


Moreover, on “Fame,” he demands to be given everything he wants while simultaneously giving it all away. Furthermore, punches of punk, alt-rock, and blues, fuse together on this effervescent, screamer of a track. It’s chaotic and insistent, slathering on a grandiose riff to the very end.

“Know My Name”

Stripped down and full of soul, “Know My Name” slams into your chest with full blown emotions. A crashing riff pounds away into an explosive, all-intoxicating chorus that demands attention. The standout vocals bleed soul, leaving no doubt that TJ can belt with the best of them.

“Pretty Girl”

TJ’s growl is the centerpiece of “Pretty Girl.” A booming blues-inspired progression bangs along to an electrifying beat, presenting a perversely exciting track that just keeps getting better. If what he really wants is the attention of the woman he has his eyes on, this track is bound to get it.

“Get Up”

It all comes to a crashing end with the disruptively melodic “Get Up.” The tension filled verse leads to a chaotic, high powered chorus. TJ shrieks through vocal distortion, all brooding and insistent, emotionally captivating the audience until the last thundering chord fades out.

SoundCloud: TJ Stafford – “Catch”

Video: TJ Stafford – “Crazy”

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Location: Los Angeles, CA

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