GoodKid [Software Programmers] Release New Single – “Witches”


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This one time, the five participated in a programming competition and won first place. The prize was a free trip to Asia. It just so happens that our guitarist David grew up in Shanghai, where he took the group around town and showed all the cool places. However, this one night David decided to take “GoodKid” to a shady part of town to see a fortune teller psychic lady – who told “them” that they all going to die [extremely] soon. This [totally]  freaked “GoodKid” out so they wrote a song about wanting to make it out of Shanghai alive. 

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Good Kid is a band of friends who met in German class. We all like three of the same things: Music, computers and video games – the latter two being a constant inspiration for music writing and jam sessions. Contrary to belief “Good Kid” are full-time software developers, but still write music, play shows and create Pokémon-themed videos for their Facebook followers.

GoodKid: Single Release “Witches”

Witches as a track is about the hikes Nick (he’s in the band!) and his friend Tom have taken through the UK. The title is inspired by a small forest close to Treffgarn, Wales that is nightly visited by a tremendous flock of birds. The only logical explanation for this occurrence is of course – witches.

SoundCloud: Good Kid – “Witches”

Video: Good Kid – “Witches”

Contact Information

Location: Kisugu Namuwongo, Kampala

Website: GoodKidOfficial

Facebook: @GoodKidBand





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