Elemotho Features the New EP Album from Namibia’s #1 Acoustic Roots Singer/Songwriter: ‘Beautiful World’


‘Beautiful World’ is the new EP album from Namibia’s #1 acoustic roots singer/songwriter, Elemotho, an album of optimism and realistic punch and hope for a sinking world. The songs on ‘Beautiful World’ are personal and oftentimes political stories from Elemotho’s world in Namibia, a country of striking contrasts from the cities to The Kalahari Desert. Namibia achieved independence from South Africa in 1990. The songs feature traditional and contemporary instruments including congas, mbira (thumb piano), keyboards, acoustic guitar, accordion, violin, the rope-tuned dun-dun drum, cello, saxophone and choral voices. Elemotho sings in English, Setswana and other Namibian languages throughout ‘Beautiful World’ and expresses the importance of story-telling as a songwriter:


“I grew up with storytelling around the fire and that has inspired me to create something that could make you dance as well as listen, smile as well as cry, find peace as well as wisdom.”

Since winning France’s 2012 RFI France 24 Discoveries Award, Elemotho has carved a successful career for himself in Namibia, Africa and internationally as a musician committed to both personal and political song-writing, “I see myself as a performing artist and musical activist; I like to throw reality around, thus exploring the depth of the human spirit.”

Elemotho’s live performances include BBC 3’s Charlie Gillett Stage at WOMAD 2014, festivals throughout Africa including Durban’s Awesome Africa and Zanibar’s ‘Sauti Ya Busara’ festivals and multiple tours in Africa and Germany. In 2016 Elemotho and his long-time collaborator Samuel Batola presented their Afro-Acoustic Experience on a two-month tour across Germany, performing at festivals such as Berlin’s ‘Ke Nako Afrika Festival.’

Elemotho has shared the stage with some of the greatest artists in the industry including UB40, Johnny Clegg, Ismael Lo, Vusi Mahlasela, Busi Mhlongo, Habib Koite, Salif Keita, Erykah Badu, The Wailers, Youssou N´Dour and Dobet Gnahoré.


Bio: Elemotho

Elemotho – whose real name is Gaalelekwe Richardo Mosimane – has recently been awarded with The Lifetime Achievement Award from NAMA – The Namibia Annual Music Awards 2017. In November 2016, Elemotho was awarded the ‘Namibian Tourism Personality of the Year’. Two songs from Elemotho’s ‘My Africa’ album (ARC Music, 2014) – ‘Neo’ and ‘La Vida’ – recently featured on the Netflix series ‘Grace and Frankie’. ‘Elemotho’ as a name means ‘that which cannot be chased away’. ‘Beautiful World’ will be released globally through ARC Music on June 23rd, 2017.

Reviews: Elemotho

  • “There is one name that stands above the rest when it comes to African contemporary music in Namibia, and that name undoubtedly is Elemotho.” New Era, Namibia
  • “An inspiring craftsman who makes you want to smile, cry and dance all at once – his songs stir the mind, charm the soul and explore the intensity of the human spirit.” Confidente, Namibia
  • “Elemotho… the roaming bushman with diverse yet deep songs that provide food for thought, this winner of the 2012 RFI-France 24 Discoveries Award has been building a reputation beyond the borders of his homeland Namibia for several years.” RFI, France

Video: Elemotho interview with Tutaleni, Namibia Broadcast Corporation (NBC)

Track Listing: ‘Beautiful World’ by Elemotho

Sung in Setswana, English and other Namibian languages. This powerful album is a  journey that musically evokes the spirit of the Kalahari.

All tracks composed and arranged by Elemotho. Track 4 traditional, arranged by Elemotho and performed by Makgona Ngwao Cultural Group Choir featuring Elemotho.

Total playing time: 53:04 min.

  1.      Ga lo itse – ‘We don’t know’- 4:10
  2.      Beautiful World – 6:02
  3.      Sediegi – ‘Don’t get side-tracked’ – 7:30
  4.      Kuruman – traditional – 0:51
  5.      Heela – ‘Caution’-  4:25
  6.      Black Man – 4:39
  7.      Beggars and Superstars – 4:38
  8.      Coming – 6:44
  9.      Pau – (‘Peace’ in Catalan, also name of Elemotho’s son) –  4:53
  10.  Viva – Life – 3:51
  11.  Remember – 5:04

Album: Beautiful World
Genre: World Music/African Acoustic Roots
CD #: EUCD2721
Label: ARC Music
Release: 23rd June, 2017

Video: Elemotho – ‘Beautiful World’ Promo Clip

Contact Information: Elemotho

Album: Beautiful World
Genre: World Music/African Acoustic Roots
CD #: EUCD2721
Label: ARC Music
Release: 23rd June, 2017
Website: http://www.elemotho.com/
Facebook: @Elemotho
Twitter:  @Elemotho