April 2017 – Hot News and Releases

Hot tunes are on the rise, during April! Scroll down and check out the pop and indie stars of our generation. Below there are clips to cool videos and mind-blowing soundtracks. Go on tour and see who is the greatest this year. Then, give a call or send a letter with your views on music news – April 2017.

Hot News and Releases

Lynn-1200x520New Video: Lynn Releases Her Second Single – “Rise High”

1040182_569795363064576_1279757833_oClose Talker EP ‘Lens’ – Third Album Due for Release 12th May 2017 via Nevado Music

17855486_1347500745296744_8517624340052232778_oScandi Mankind Release New SoundCloud Single – “Three Handfuls of Dirt” (Audio)

10499404_10153462998746214_3520518488411483813_oBass Lions Release New EP with Hit Single “Dynamite Quartz”


New Release: Andrew Judah’s New Single, “Metanoia”

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