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Contact email: mitmqg@gmx.com
Quintin Goynes is a unique, expert writer. He began this venture–in January of 2012–as a New Year’s resolution and a birthday gift to himself. Now, he utilizes his acquired gifts of writing, along with his education, as a guide to creating motivating articles that keep the mind boggled. This is the move of a freelancer and he demands the challenge.

Quintin Goynes has been a columnist, food writer, aircraft mechanic, book and magazine editor (intern), writing instructor’s assistant (self-employed), and transportation specialist (aviation/commercial). He is from Texas and Florida and lives on a long raceway in the outskirts with a convoy of buses. While deciding on his college major, his first novel–named “Mande”–has been called “Emotional, intense, and engrossing” by certain authors.


To: Prospective Client
From: Quintin Goynes, Applicant
Subject:  Internship

Dear Prospective Client,

Did You Know?

Surprisingly, successful communities appreciate being well informed, while exhibiting compliance to hierarchy and the demands of stratification. In relation, over the past decades, I have experienced a multitude of ventures that involve the community, businesses, and social responsibility. Additionally, I have acquired several attributes that apparently have contributed to my career, as well as to my lifestyles that I tend to absorb.

An Effective Query: Aiding the Mission of Specific Content Management Companies

Chiefly, my immediate goals include publishing my own works, while seeking more knowledge and experience that pertain to editorials (i.e. works that pertain to sociology [socio-economics; social psychology]; politics; business; and a variety of novel topics). Furthermore, my goal is to enhance my own experience, while aiding the mission of specific content management companies-preferably at $5 per 400-words (minimum). With that said, please consider my experience—as an attribute to the team.

Attributions to the Team (Organizational Environment)

Particular types of attributes include attempts to attend schools that are challenged in diversity, as well as contributing to society have a direct affect on today’s societies and communities as a whole. In brief, my organizational experience entails food service; logistics; military (combat related); warehousing; retail; mechanical technician (vehicles and aircraft); and incarceration (kitchen inmate).

My qualifications include: a cook; leadership experience; an active participant in American lifestyle; content writing; team qualities (project management and accomplishment); technical (publications) research experience; and a vast education (on-the-job; technical schools; military schools; and college credit (A.A. General Studies [B average] and earning first BA in General Studies)).

Freelance Works

http://skagitqg75.hubpages.com/ ; https://hubpages.com/@maninthemiddleqg : Freelance Writer

http://www.examiner.com/user-skagitqg ENG355 Multicultural Literature – Quintin Goynes Sr.

http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Quintin_I_Goynes ; Expert Author on Ezine.com

http://sostrenews.com/author/maninthemiddle/ ; Sostre News

http://ultravulgar.com/category/the-fiends/ ; Ultra Vulgar [SUPER Fiend]

http://healthgreatness.com/author/quinting/ ; YouBuzz

Ideally, my goal is to enhance my own experience, while aiding the mission of specific content management companies. With that said, please consider my experience—as an attribute to the team.


Quintin Goynes
Internship Applicant


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