Clash of Champions ‘Kickoff’

Quintin Goynes | ManIntheMiddleqg

Over the past year, Native Hawaiian Nia Jax and Florida native, Alicia Fox, continued on with their individual challenges – Nia experienced a near career-ending car accident in 2014, and Alicia Fox had major issues finding a permanent team. However, that never stopped the feud between the two. Now, WWE fans continue to need their performance levels in the ring; finally, their bout in the WWE (early fall, 2016). 

Nia Jax

As a result of the confrontation, the WWE scheduled the showtime bout for September which ending with Fox getting speared through the ringside barricade to a no contest decision. Surprisingly, WWE set up another meeting between the two at the Clash of Champions where Alicia Fox failed to renew her reputation as a conquering, wrestling Diva!

This primetime featured event didn’t take extremely long at all. Alicia Fox started immediately after the dinging of the bell with a high jumping, double boot kick to Jax’s chest (sternum). Then, Jax’s left outer thigh and hip section were victimized by Alicia’s right boot. Over and over again Alicia massaged Nia’s thigh with high powered hits, until Nia Jax went to one knee. To no surprise, Nia recovered, but, Alicia was ready with a sincere headlock!

Nia Jax Hoists Alicia Fox – ‘Clash of Champions’

Finally, Nia took over the match by picking up the 120 lbs. of Alicia Fox while she screamed for the angels of survival. Nia had a time stuffing her opponent into the turnbuckle for the brutal wake-up call before dropping Alicia Fox to the mat like a huge bag of oysters…


Overall, the match continues with awesome bailing moves conjoining strategic, mind-blowing hits and blows. But, in the end, Nia Jax prevails as the victorious 270 lbs. Hawaiian with a mad reputation of remaining perfectly capable of defending her position in the WWE. On the other hand, Alicia Fox needs to readjust her temperament if she plans to make it in the business of WWE.

Frankly, the fans loved the match as the crowd went wild again and again. Plus, the arena remained seemingly gorgeous in the background of black and gold 3-D. Surely, the WWE is here to stay, in order to compete with other brands by featuring additional bouts for these mind-blowing, perpetual cheerleaders with an attitude – The Clash of Champions (WWE).


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