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‘Dashni’: Who is Dashni Morad?

Quintin Goynes Sr. | ManIntheMiddle[qg]

Dashni Morad is a Kurdish/Dutch singer, presenter, journalist and human rights activist. Having been busy with her humanitarian and charity projects for three years, she is releasing a comeback album with a powerful message to all.

October 2018 – “Re-build and Oxfam invites you to the ‘Celebration of Peace’ charity concert in support of our humanitarian efforts in Rojava & Syria. Continue reading “‘Dashni’: Who is Dashni Morad?”

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New! Feminism Track for ‘MITM[qg]]’ (en Español)

26sep14_aqua_soapQuintin Goynes Sr. | ManIntheMiddle[qg]

“…. aquí parece haber esta renuencia a llamarse feminista. … “.  

Como Una Teoría: ¿Qué? El Feminismo y Las Guerras Sexuales

“…. Beyoncé diciendo: “Esa palabra puede ser muy extrema … Creo en la igualdad … Pero estoy felizmente casada. Amo a mi esposo … “y a Lady Gaga” No soy feminista; saludo a los hombres, amo a los hombres. Celebro [el] macho americano, la cerveza, los bares y los autos musculosos ”.

– Solo el 16 por ciento de las mujeres universitarias “definitivamente” se consideraban feministas.

– “No soy feminista” de Lady Gaga (anunció que se convertiría en una ministra ordenada para unir a dos ciudadanos homosexuales en matrimonio).

En la civilización occidental, el individualismo y los colectivistas desempeñan un papel importante, como resultado de la era de la guerra sexual. Las guerras sexuales y el feminismo mostraron sus rostros, durante los años 70 y 80. Enmascarados con temas de química y escatológicos parecidos a los de los afroditas, ambos sexos continuaron compitiendo por el “orgullo”, mientras exigían la liberación de la sociedad de religión. Continue reading “New! Feminism Track for ‘MITM[qg]]’ (en Español)”

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FEMINISM #1 – Affect the Masses

26sep14_aqua_soapQuintin Goynes Sr. | ManIntheMiddle[qg]

“…. [t]here seems to be this reluctance to be termed a feminist. ….”

As a Theory: What? Feminism and Sex Wars

“…. Beyoncé saying “That word can be very extreme … I do believe in equality … But I’m happily married. I love my husband…” and Lady Gaga’s “I am not a feminist – I hail men, I love men. I celebrate [the] American male and beer and bars and muscle cars”.
– Only 16 percent of college women “definitely” considered themselves to be feminists.
– Lady Gaga’s “I am not a feminist” (She announced to become an ordained minister to conjoin two gay citizens in marriage.)
In the Western Civilization, individualism and collectivists both play a major role, as result of the Sex War era. Sex wars and feminism showed their faces, during the 70s and 80s. Masked with aphrodite-like chemistry and scatological themes, both of the sexes continued competing for ‘pride,’ while demanding liberation the society of religion.

Continue reading “FEMINISM #1 – Affect the Masses”

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Maggie Rogers new release; on tour in 2018

Image by Katia Temkin (FB)

Quintin Goynes Sr. | ManIntheMiddle[qg]

 Catch Rogers At Boston Calling, Governors Ball, Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival And
All Things Go Fall Classic


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Viral 2017: Lauren Ruth Releases a Tricky Dose – By Armando Vera

Lauren Ruth: An Amazing Dose of Music

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Marta Einerstam Karis Interviews with MITM (aka Quintin Goynes) – DOUBLE LENGTH FEATURE

Quintin Goynes | ManIntheMiddleqg

Donations to Quintin G. [MITM]

1. When and why did you start singing?

I started to sing in a choir at the age of 5. I have always expressed myself through music, so my mom got me into the choir as soon as I was old enough to be able to sing lyrics. Then I attended music school, called Adolf Fredriks Musikklasser, from the age of 9 until I was 15 years old. Continue reading “Marta Einerstam Karis Interviews with MITM (aka Quintin Goynes) – DOUBLE LENGTH FEATURE”

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